Our Network

Canuck Hosting employs a redundant evolving network features Gigabit connectivity to upstream suppliers Peer 1, Teleglobe, and Videotron, and connectivity to over 200 exchange partners to ensure a constant Internet connection, diverse and superior routing, and increased Internet efficency. BGP network distribution is sustained by Cisco 6509 switches redundantly installed in the telecommunications room of our data center.

  • BGP network via Cisco 6500 switches First level of BGP redundancy between Peer 1, Teleglobe, and Videotron
  • Access to over 200 suppliers upstream via Peer 1
  • Enhanced Canadian connectivity through 1 Gbps peering at TorIX
  • Backup connectivity provided by 2 Gbps fiber to Cogent
  • Distribution assured by redundant
  • Cisco 6500 switches
  • Aerial and underground fiber optic cables supply the building

Network Carriers

  • Peer 1 - 1 Gbps Fiber
  • Teleglobe - 2 Gbps Fiber
  • Videotron - 2 Gbps Fiber

Our backup, monitoring and corprate systems are located in geographiclly redundant locations.

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